Leadership training

The trainings - HR Agile and Agile Leadership - are certified by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.

ICAgile works with course providers to accredit new or existing courses taking into account comprehensive and proven learning outcomes.

ICAgile collaborates with agile thinking leaders worldwide to develop learning programs that take people to the agile domain.


Be Bolder has a partner sharing content Agile People which is a member ICAgile Organization.

To obtain the certification, participants will have to make an assignment that is shared

in the first training session and must be delivered no later than two weeks after the last training session.

Leadership training

Target Audience:

Leaders or aspiring leaders at any level in an organization;

Leaders who see the value of growing an agile organization, and are committed to developing themselves as agile leaders in order to achieve this goal.

Anyone who wants to learn about the paradigm shifts needed to lead in adaptive environments and develop relevant leadership skills.

Be Bolder - Formação Liderança Agile

Human Resources agile training

Be Bolder - Formação Agile na Gestão das Pessoas
Agile People


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