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"In this fast pacing world, we need a perfect guidance throughout the process of job application. Bruno is not only well experienced career consultant but also handy with skills which can make positive impact to get desired job."

Mahmudul Hasan

Personal and Professional

development Sessions

"The great professionalism and human sensitivity helped to answer questions related to my work and to start a new project. I strongly recommend it!"

Furio Cioni

Personal and Professional

development Sessions

"In a harsh winter and with me behind the wheel, this support was like a formidable new windshield wiper! Whoever thinks the opposite is wrong: the road is yours!"

Sara Figueiredo

Be Bolder Ambassador


Bolder Partners | Schimdt Light Metal Group


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Who is the Founder of Be Bolder?

Bruno Leonardo

Degree in Sociology , Master in Communication, Culture and Information Technology at ISCTE and post-graduated in Applied Management at Nova . Agile practitioner in a differentiating approach that puts people at the center.

With 13 years of experience in HR consulting, he soon began to lead teams and develop his passion for people progress. Thus, it started to create customized trainings in a co-creation format and focused on the collaboration and participation of the trainees. After having participated in the development of two start-ups in HR consulting, he decided to found Be Bolder – oriented towards the continuous growth of individuals and organizations.

In just 1 year, it had 500+ participants in its facilitations. Whether in a remote or face-to-face format, the trainee is at the center and the collaborative environment is a certainty.

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